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An Exemplary End Result

I am a space stylist with  an  expertise in Space remodeling, designing, furnishing and decoration.
With my 8 years of professional experience, I help my clients to discover their signature decorating style and transformed  their spaces to reflects their personality.  
I am an experienced partner when it comes to furnishing and decoration of Residential, Hotels, Government Houses and Offices.

My Expertise


Interior Design

As an Interior designer, I am primarily concerned and saddled with the responsibility of
creating functional spaces, safe for use and aesthetically appealing to the eyes

I work with my clients to review their goals and requirements for the project.

Sketch preliminary design plans, including electrical and partition layouts and work closely
with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers to ensure a well implemented design.


Space Re-modelling

I help my clients to achieve great space transformation. I focus on best use of space, combining the latest styles with trending materials and finishes.

I am dedicated to delivering an exceptional remodel experience! with an eye on budget, I
expertly transform spaces at a competitive price.

With a ‘hands-on’ style, I offer a very efficient, process-oriented approach to remodeling and
superior quality and creative solutions for every home additions, bathroom renovation and kitchen remodeling needs.

Whatever your vision of the space may be our professional, dedicated, honest, reliable
and dependable team will work tirelessly with you to ensure that the vision of your home
renovation comes to life.


Space furnishing

As a furnishing expert, before visiting the furniture store, I look at the layout of my client’s
space floor plan, and consider the primary purpose of the space, which help me to
confidently choose furniture that will enhance such lifestyle for years to come.

Knowing fully well that the floor plan of a home will be a big influence on what type of furniture
one chooses and how it is placed within such space, I choose the best functional furniture for each considered zone such as conversation zones,
entertainment zones, resting zone, Prayer zone , quiet space zone and business zone.

Furnishings for your home should enhance and reflect the needs of your lifestyle, I help my
clients to achieve just that.


Interior Decoration

I decorate residential and commercial business spaces according to my client’s personal
preferences and style, which includes selecting colour schemes, flooring materials, furniture,
artwork, wall cladding and selecting unique accessories that will transforms such area into an
aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly design.


Decoration Accessories Sales


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